Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I am barely into 2008 and I have already learned a very valuable lesson. At the top of my blog where it says "Next Post", I do not want to ever click on this again. A whole page of half naked women pop up and sex noises. I now have to start the new year feeling defiled. Ugh.

Happy New Year All!! The beginning of the year always gives me this feeling that anything is possible. Unfortunately, it is a feeling that is almost as fleeting as New Year's Day. I have lots of resolutions for the coming year. The first one was to stay home on New Year's Eve and enjoy myself-no perverts this isn't meant to be dirty! I made dinner which is like some kind of Guinness Book accomplishment and then I just hung out. I watched a movie and spent a great deal of time dancing around my living room. Strangely, I had a great time. It has been months since I just hung out at home with no goals! Okay, I can't lie, I got a little antsy and cleaned my linen closet in the middle of the evening. I have to be busy, I can't help it. And before you all feel sorry for me like everyone else that asked me to join their plans for New Year's, I really needed some alone time.

I think I digressed from resolutions. Oh yes, I have lots of resolutions. I am going to be more positive and productive. This may nearly kill me but I am going to try. I am going to learn restraint which may also kill me. Wow, 2008 is going to be trying. Most of all, I am going to stop loving someone who either doesn't care or is too stubborn to make a change. I am going to run more and try to have more fun!! Life is short, my friends are plentiful (fortuntately) and I don't really have it so bad. Thanks to M for her posts that reminded all of us that we can be total whiners and there are people out there to really admire. I am again thinking of TNT. There may have to be an event this year. I would also like more blog readers since I only have one.

The babble will now cease. Happy New Year to my ONE reader!!! One is better than none-see positivity is already overtaking me.